Our Experience

Over the years, Komshov Mishorim has excavated millions of square meters of earth, used for a wide range of projects both nationally and internationally, including the construction of reservoirs, ponds and dams used for water supply, irrigation, wastewater treatment, flood prevention and acids storage, building landfills, building fish ponds/pools, ski ponds and more. 

The vast experience we have gained in the arena of earthworks over the years has brought us a high degree of knowledge and professionalism while highlighting preliminary and exact planning of the task, use of the most suitable modern tools and provision of an all-encompassing service to our clients’ satisfaction.  

Company’s Tools Fleet

Komashov Mishorim has an impressive and quality fleet of heavy engineering tools made by the global leaders in the industry.

Since the earthworks include transfer (or removal) of large amounts of dirt, the majority of the work is performed by heavy equipment.

This type of equipment is extremely strong in terms of both their chassis and their engine power, which allows them to operate on challenging terrain. 

Furthermore, we use any type of equipment as per client’s request and the type of earthwork they require.

How do we work?

Everything you need to know
  • Earthwork require planning and preliminary data. We will carefully calculate the volume of dirt being removed and the volume of location it is being moved to, to ensure they match. A miscalculation can result in unnecessary high costs. 
  • Komashov Mishorim’s implementation teams work together with the company’s professional planning teams, and at the same time collaborate with the project teams responsible to liaise with the service requestor. 
  • We oversee the project from beginning to end. 
  • Our top value is to ensure we meet the schedule allotted for the project and that we meet the demands of the service requestor. 
  • The company provides an earth contractor that manages the project closely every step of the way.
  • Additional professional knowledge is provided based on client’s requirements and needs, regarding all aspects of sealing. 
  • As part of this service we also dig and build various types of reservoirs and ponds.
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