Haifa Chemicals is an international company based in Israel, engaged in the development, production and export of fertilizers for agriculture and chemicals for industry and the food industry, mainly phosphate salts and potassium nitrate.

The company was established in 1966 in cooperation with the Israel Refineries and Minerals. The company currently owns three factories and eleven subsidiaries and is a world-renowned supplier of specialty fertilizers, industrial chemicals and potassium nitrate.

The company works for the support and well-being of the community, while strictly preserving the environment.

Thanks to the socio-environmental approach throughout its years of operation, the company has won many different awards for its excellence, both in the field of exports and in the field of work with the most stringent standards.

The company is considered a global model for professionalism and knowledge in the field of fertilizers and is a world leader in the development of methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.