To provide a strong and powerful sealing system in the pond’s interior, an exact sequence of operations must be ensured.

These operations are very specific and include preparation of the infrastructure and the sealing work itself. At Komashov Mishorim we place an emphasis on the best execution of their implementation.

The importance of the strong sealing lies in the fact that the pond will have to endure the constant water pressure it contains.

And of course, we want the pond to withstand the pressure for many years.

In addition, an interior seal is not sufficient, but an exterior seal is required as well in order to protect the concrete from the ground’s dampness.

There is another way too!

In recent years, crystalline sealing additives have penetrated the sealing and construction industry, additives that obviate the need to perform sealing layers both inside and outside the pool.

The crystalline additives actually create a uniform casting of the pool and the result is its complete sealing.

As mentioned, sealing indoor swimming pools in conjunction with a crystalline sealing supplement has many benefits, including:

  • Absolute resistance to chlorides and other aggressive and aggressive chemicals.
  • The casting is sealed to its entire thickness from all sides, so it eliminates the need for additional sealing work.


  • Absolute protection of the iron – the fuck in the casting, which prolongs the life of the structure.
  • The crystalline additive is added to the casting and does not wear out.
  • The pool can be covered with mosaic or ceramic cladding directly on the casting.
  • The supplement is able to withstand very strong water pressures, bar 12, a pressure that is considered considerably higher than required for reservoirs
    Water or pools.
  • Capillary cavities, capillary cracks and other defects repair themselves during casting.
  • The additive is non-toxic and has a permit to use it for the purpose of sealing drinking water reservoirs.
Who is the service intended for?

Sealing reinforced concrete ponds is a professional service provided to you by Komashov Mishorim and is intended for both industrial needs and private architectural needs.

Any of our clients, who is interested in building a concrete reservoir, chemical ponds, evaporation ponds, or a concrete pool for private use, can enjoy the earthwork services provided by our company.

These jobs for preparing the groundwork for building the pond/pool, as well as sealing services, are implemented by our company at more advanced stage of the building process.

Sealing services of reinforced concrete is a professional service designated, among others, for execution contractors, architects and plant owners.

Need sealing services for reinforced concrete ponds/pools for any purpose?

This is the time to get a better look at all the professional services offered by Komashov Mishpriom.

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