Sealing of sewage treatment plants

Quality sealing is the key to productive work and the prevention of the leakage of hazardous materials beyond the factory area.

In the sealing work, it is of great importance to carefully analyze the area and to examine the type of installation and the nature of its operation in order to allow complete buffering between the various areas.

In addition, the type of effluent and their level of acidity must be examined to select the type of sealant that will perform the perfect job for each task.

Main Uses of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ministry of the Environment’ regarding wastewater treatment as highly important is because it enables separating the most harmful chemicals from various wastewater sources.

The treatment plant allows the reuse of some of the liquids that originate in household or industrial sewage.

This is done by redirecting the liquids to the Israeli agriculture industry that needs these types of resources and is thirsty for high-quality, treated wastewater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between household and industrial wastewater treatment?

The household black and grey wastewater does not usually contain complex chemical materials. Aside from the light use of detergents, there is no use of chemicals that are typical to industrial use – such as different types of acids, phosphoric elements and other toxic chemicals.


What are the leading sealing sheets?

  • Polypropylene sheets – sheets that allow a complete seal, are known for their low cost, are used frequently, and hold an international standards association stamp.
  • Polyethylene Sheets – ideal for areas that are concrete based, come in very high density that contributes to the quality insulation of many treatment ponds..

The sealing work is the key to success of every effective treatment process.

Maintaining a clean work environment ensuring the separation between the different wastewater ponds and the areas that underwent sterilization, allow you to perform your job in an easy, safe and high-quality manner, now more than ever.

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