Floating Roofs and Floating Covers

A floating cover is made from high quality, flexible and lightweight sealing sheets known as Polypropylene (PP) or reinforced Polypropylene (RPP).

Due to their unique traits, polypropylene sheets (highly flexible and lightweight), the liquid in the reservoir can be completely sealed while the sheets are floating over it.

In addition, the sheets can Rise and drop seamlessly according to the level of the liquid in the reservoir.

For maximal and successful operation, the floating cover is equipped with special buoys and weights to allow walking on the floating cover when needed and for draining rainwater in winter.

The Importance and Goals of Sealing with a Floating Cover

Sealing with a floating roof is of utmost importance as it enables maintaining the water quality at the highest level and it prevents pollution and loss of liquids from the reservoir.

We at Komashov Mishorim do everything in our power to ensure our sealing is the very best and of the highest quality.

Following are the main and most important goals and reasons for installing this type of sealing:

  • To protect potable water reservoirs from contamination and dirt or nesting birds- deficient sealing or no sealing at all, may result in significant damage to the water quality and exposing the reservoir to different types of contamination.
  • To collect and treat the various gases that accumulate in the reservoir/ pool – the sealing allows a controlled collection of the gas thus preventing environmental pollution.
  • To prevent loss of liquids as a result of evaporation – evaporation may occur if there is no proper sealing on the water reservoir or pool.
  • Quality sealing is a critical factor in protecting water quantity and preventing the futile loss of enormous quantities.
  • To prevent odor and environmental pollution – it is important to ensure the sealing and covering of reservoirs, as they may lead to environmental pollution and unpleasant odors in the vicinity of the reservoir or pool.
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