Solar panels on water reservoirs

In recent years, awareness has risen of the benefits of floating solar systems, which consist of solar panels placed on water reservoirs. Beyond the ability to deploy solar panels for energy production over large areas – and thus increase energy output – these systems also excel at protecting the water reservoir itself. From reducing water evaporation to protecting water from pollution – a floating solar system serves these two purposes very effectively.

In the process of installing panels on water reservoirs, and in preparing the water reservoirs before deploying the system – it should not be taken lightly. Solar panels are extremely delicate devices – and naturally can not be exposed to water. Therefore, resources and attention must be paid in advance to the variety of sealing means that protect both the water reservoir and the panels.

פאנלים סולארים על מאגר מים
פאנלים סולארים על מאגר מים
פאנלים סולארים על מאגר מים (1)
Our activity

Komshov Mishorim is engaged in all stages of preparation of the water reservoir before the deployment of the solar system.

Among other things, we take care to deploy protection of the reservoir sheets – so that the water reservoir seal is not damaged during the introduction of the flooding solar system.

Beyond that, we pre-install special access routes intended for the installation teams of the solar system – to enable the installation of the reservoir in the most convenient and efficient way, and save time and resources later.

Due to our extensive experience in operating projects of this type, we are able, if necessary, to manage the project as a whole: contact the solar panel installation company and arrange for the installation of the entire floating solar system, from A to Z.

Habonim Project


Komshov Mishorim supports green energy!

As part of the development of the green energy industry in the country, we are building and sealing the water reservoirs and preparing the area for the deployment of the solar system.

We are happy to take part in many projects in which solar systems for green energy production are being set up.

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