Sealing Landfills

Komashov Mishorim holds the most professional knowledge, equipment and machinery for sealing garbage and waste dumps. 

Sealing landfills is of utmost importance for both the environment and the quality of life.

The drainage of liquids and gases for example helps prevent the outbreak of fires, the seepage of harmful materials into the groundwater and thereupon even preventing epidemics etc.

Sealing Landfills from an Environmental Perspective
  • Prevents soil contamination by stopping the waste from seeping into the groundwater.
  • Offers a solution for methane gas created as part of the waste decomposing process.
  • Regularly drains and pumps liquids from the bottom.
  • Offers a solution to the collection of toxic gases and their removal by laying down an infrastructure of pipes to conduct the gas. 
  • Reduces impact on the different fauna and flora in the area to minimal and/or negligible.
  • Offers solutions to many and varied ecological hazards. 
From a Quality of Life Perspective:
  • Prevents hazardous odors  
  • Offers solutions to prevent toxic gases from spreading into the air we breathe. 
  • Prevents harmful materials from seeping into the ground water 
  • The method does not harm the environment, on the contrary, in some cases the area of a landfill can be used for growing  gardens turning it into a lovely place. 

Types of landfills:

Waste landfill, known to the Israeli public as the “dump” or “Hiriya” are sites used for the collection and  burying of waste of any kind. 

In Israel there are numerous landfills that operate on the outskirts of the various towns all across the country and among the numerous landfills we can mainly find three types which we can divide into two – waste that requires or does not require special treatment. 

Waste which does not require special treatment arrives at the municipal landfill designated for household, office and industrial waste all together (referred to as “regular waste”) among these types of waste are the following (according to the Central Bureau of Statistics).

  • Wood and wooden products
  • Rubber and rubber products 
  • Different types of paper
  • Carton
  • Agriculture and gardening waste
  • Used oils
  • Decomposing organic material 
  • Perishables
  • Glass
  • Textile
Types of Hazardous Materials Intended for Designated Landfills
  • Biological and medical waste that includes contaminants.
  • Wastes from mixed chemical mixtures and unused explosives
  • Chemical wastes from industrial sewage sludge and chemical sediments
  • Wastes from various chemical compounds of chemical catalysts, salts and / or bases, used oils, acid wastes and used solvents
  • Mineral waste sediments such as: construction waste, rubble, waste resulting from asbestos burning, waste of various minerals and waste resulting from excavation work
Sanitary Landfill

In recent years, there are also quite a few sites in operation that are following the method of  sanitary landfill, which is considered a simple and particularly effective method. 

The sanitary landfill method mainly treats dry waste and during the process, the waste is isolated in the ground in a controlled manner in order to prevent the emission of toxic gases, trapping foul odor and preventing toxic liquids from seeping into the ground. 

The method does involve high costs, but it does have many ecological and environmental advantages, since it bypasses the need to treat any remnants, which require the extraction of leachate and various gases. 

As a side note, this type of landfill is considered safe and is often regarded as a “novelty” in the environmental landscape. 

This type of landfill is extremely safe, so much so, that even a playground can be built on top of it.

Preparation of Landfill Sites

The method for preparing landfill sites includes arranging the piling of waste in a certain way up to a height of 10 meters , which  is then covered by 60 cm of dirt. Parks and playgrounds may be built on top of this dirt layer for example. 

This preparation includes the execution of ground-sealing works, providing solutions to prevent liquids from seeping into the groundwater, installing a drainage system, installing designated piping for the controlled release of landfill-gas which is composed for the most part (60%-55%) of hazardous methane gas. The methane gas is created as a result of the “fermentation” process that the decomposing waste undergoes. 

In addition to preparing the landfill, we provide landfill sealing services and their transformation into public spaces for any purpose. 

Sealing Foundations for Construction

This type of sealing is of the utmost importance. 

This is in fact the foundation of a building, a foundation on which many stories are going to be built. 

A high-quality and proper sealing of the foundations for construction purposes is necessary both for the maximum maintenance of these foundations, as well to provide a good foundation for the building about to be constructed.

Sealing Fuel and Chemical Spill Containment Areas

We at Komashov Mishorim Ltd. specialize in everything related to the execution of the various sealing jobs including sealing fuel and chemical spill containment areas, which are customized to the client’s needs and are implemented according to all safety and environmental standards. 


Different chemical materials and fuels must be stored in spill containment areas designated for this purpose.

These spill containment areas are to prevent the leakage of various hazardous material into the ground water thus contaminating the water. 

In addition, the sealing also assists in protecting the ground thus preserving the flora, fauna, and also the human quality of life, because the sealing contains the toxic gases and prevents the occurrence of hazardous odors and even more dangerous hazards.

The sealing itself is done using sealing materials uniquely designated for the specific purposes that require a solution. 

The spill containment areas are resistant to various attacks of the different chemical materials and the volume of an area is approx. 110% of the volume and quantity of the liquid it seals and contains.

 We make use of new containers (less than 20 years since they were designed and built in accordance with API STD650).

Our professional sealing services are mostly geared to companies and plants that have storage tanks for fuels and various chemical materials on their premises. 

In addition, the company provides services to numerous gas stations and provides them with diverse sealing solutions for spill containment areas that hold their fuels, petrol products and different and varied chemical materials.

The materials we use are considered a terminating seal and include the use of natural ground as well as compounds such as: 

  • Cement water
  • Clay
  • Compounds of clay with different materials
  • Polyethylene 
  • Geo-synthetic sheets
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Elastomer
  • Other varied materials and solutions

Different Types of Fuels Komashiv Mishorim Provides Solutions for

  • Naphta
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Oil spills
  • Crude oil
  • Light mazut Fuel oil
  • Kerosene
  • Different combinations of compounds from Category C
  • Heavy mazut Fuel oil
  • Asphalt 
  • Cement asphalt 
  • Bitumen
Cases in which a Sufficient level of Sealing is Required
  • A container located above a karst aquifer, meaning a system of groundwater passages with a high risk for potential contamination.


  • A container located above a regular aquifer (up to 200 meters from the pumping source) – is considered high risk. 

    In any case, we recommend that every business owner in the industry should check if they require various sealing services. 

Sealing of Spill Containment Areas at Komashov Mishorim

The company has all the knowledge, equipment and machinery required for constructing sealing areas. 

The most important asset is possessing the most advanced professional knowledge in Israel for the purpose of sealing spill containment areas and customizing creative and varied solutions according to the nature of the materials contained in the storage tanks. 

Our sealing services are performed in a meticulous manner while protecting the environment and taking different threats into consideration such as earth quakes, floods, fires and other extreme situations.  

Sheet Piling

As a leader in earth works and sealing operations, Komashov Mishorim also offers sheet piling services, which is the most common method of foundation in the Israeli construction sector. 

The sheet pile is needed to provide support for the building above it and prevent it from sinking into a muddy or sandy ground, and it also prevents the collapse of supporting walls during construction.   

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