Israel Chemicals (ICL) is a company engaged in the development, production and export of mineral-based products that reach various markets, including the markets for agriculture, food and complex materials.

The company was established as a government company in 1968 and is currently owned by the Israel Corporation (Ofer Brothers) and is considered the parent company of many companies in the field such as: Brom Industries, the Dead Sea Works, Rotem Ampert and other companies abroad.

The company’s main plants are located mainly in the Negev region and under its auspices are employed over 10,000 workers worldwide, half of them in Israel.

Israel Chemicals is considered a world-renowned company in its field and operates in several countries around the globe.

As part of its activities, the company manufactures essential products for the food and pharmaceutical industries, while providing extensive support and assistance to the environment, workers and the community in Israel.