Natural Gifts

There are situations in which the water contains many different elements such as bromide, potash, industrial salt, magnesium, table salt and more. In order to extract them, the water must be evaporated, a natural process during which the materials gradually sink to the bottom of the pond to be harvested at the end of the process.


The great thing about the evaporation process is that it requires no human intervention. So, apart from need to harvest and collect the “treasure” at the end of the process, there is little or no intervention required especially since the speed of the process cannot be controlled as nature runs its course at its own pace and under its own conditions.

The Final Stage

In order to encourage the process, large ponds are constructed as the larger the water’s surface area, so evaporation is more effective. The Dead Sea is the ideal location for such ponds because of its geographical location and conditions. Having said that, there are negative aspects to this process that seen as a byproduct of the process. For example, when producing potash, a negative by product is produces, table salt that sinks to the pond’s bottom causing the pond floor to rise by 20 cm. a year. This means that the pond walls have to be raised and the constant rise in water levels could be dangerous for nearby structures.

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