Material Traits


This sheet was specifically developed to collaborate with the ground hence the name: “GEO”= ground and “technical”.

Another name for these sheets is Geotextile.

A geotechnical sheet is made of woven fabric, though unwoven sheets are also available.

Their weight varies between 100 to 1500 gram per meter.

The purpose of the sheet is to create a protection layer on top of the sealing sheets.

In most cases these sheets can be found in use in water reservoirs but also for civil engineering.

The sheet allows water to go through therefore is used to prevent underground drainage systems from clogging.

In addition, this fabric is known for its efficiency in keeping the temperature and as a protective layer when installing synthetic grass, when sealing roofs, drainage and even filtration; therefore has many uses and provides numerous solution for many industry needs in Israel.

Important Facts about Geotechnical fabric

The Geotechnical fabric is used for sealing underground drainage systems by filtration, separation and preventing small particles from going in such as: Silt particles, sand and even small particles of clay.

Due to its unique ability to filter, it is also used for wrapping the connecting hose in the drainage channel.

An experiment done by the Ministry of Agriculture has proven that aside from the benefits of the Geotechnical fabric to protect crops from insects and viruses, the geotechnical sheet is very beneficial in protecting from the radiating cold that significantly harms the crops.

This is because it maintains a higher temperature than outside.

Price Composition

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Weight 100-1000 gram
  3. Color (white or colorful)
  4. Type of fabric make (polyester or polypropylene)

Process of laying the sheets

  1. Laying the sheets on the ground
  2. Sewing or affixing the sheets to each other .


It is customary to lay the Geotechnical fabric onto the surface where photosynthesis is to be prevented, which naturally leads to the growth of unwanted weeds.

Laying a Geotechnical sheet, not only provides an ecological pest control, but also gives the added value of extra protection to the synthetic grass.

These sheets are commonly used when installing synthetic grass since the sheets allow the water to penetrate the ground thus preventing the accumulation of unwanted puddles.

Finally, the sheet is considered a good fit due to its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions – hence this is a quality and long lasting solution.

Sheet Specifications

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