Material Traits


The polypropylene is a durable material suitable for use over particularly long periods of time and more important – it is recyclable.

In the world today, awareness is growing high for the use of green products and component.

Many companies and organizations that operate under the ideology of preserving the environment, use polypropylene in order to maintain a green operation.

Moreover, polypropylene is a unique material in its strength / weight, which makes it the preferred material for products and for use where self-assembly is required.

Polypropylene is a strong and hard material, but does not weigh much.

Meaning, it can be folded, styled, transferred, and unloaded easily and still maintain its durability, strength and role as a sealing material.

Therefore, polypropylene is commonly used as sealing sheets.

In many cases there is a need to seal a pool to prevent water leakage, therefore it is important to invest in the best seal.

Polypropylene comes in 3 main types: syndiotactic polypropylene, isotactic polypropylene and atactic polypropylene. The difference is in the degree and format of the methyl groups.

The polypropylene can be obtained in a hard or flexible format, transparent or rigid. It can be a substitute for other materials (PVC, polystyrene, nylon, paper etc.).

In addition, this material is resistant to humidity, high temperatures and in combination with other chemical materials.

Some of the material components are derived from crude oil thus its price is impacted by oil prices, however it is not very expensive.

Here come into play polyethylene sheets, since they are very flexible, light and are known for their high quality.

They are commonly used for floating covers, along with tight ground sealing, such that they are suitable for collecting potable water and hold no less than the global standards association stamp.

Black Polypropylene Sheets

Black polypropylene sheets are ideal for preventing the growth of weeds while still allowing irrigation, as it is known for its high drainage ability and protects the grass from direct and unnecessary contact with the lower surface.

By using a sheet, the surface is darkened (due to the black color), which hinders growth under the sheet.

This sheet is mainly good to use for organic pest control that seeks to avoid toxic materials as well as for installing artificial grass.

In order to use this sheet it must be laid onto the installation surface (can be adjusted to the terrain by simply cutting it with a knife), and finally it should be set with galvanized nails to prevent rust.

Price Composition
  • Manufacturer
  • Sheet thickness: 1/1.2/1.5 mm, can be customized to different thicknesses 
  • According to square meter: 3.65 fixed; 122-183 meter long (varies according to the sheet thickness)
Process of Laying the Sheets
  • Laying out the sheets
  • Ensuring alignment
  • Welding the sheets to each other with a special robot
  • Technical specifications


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